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Foie Gras

Duck foie gras, finest quality. Approx 600 grams per lobe. ..


Frogs Legs

1 Kilogram box of frogs legs...


Game Pie Mix

Game pie mix, a mixture of seasonal game500 gram..


Haggis 450 grams each

Made in Scotland.Authentic tasting favourite of the Scottish 450 grams eachWill serve 3 to 4 pe..


Rabbit (oven ready)

Oven ready rabbit Farmed from France. ..


Whole Oven Ready Goose

A whole oven ready goose 5-6 kilos..


Wood Pigeon (oven ready)

Wood pigeon at its best now,enough for one person Oven ready best cooked rare...


Wood Pigeon Breast fillets pack of 10 breasts

Wood pigeon breasts skinless breast fillets, pan fried in butter for a delicious starter.pack of 10..


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